Co-scholastic Approach

It includes life skills, attitudes and values, co-curricular activities and health and physical education. Holy Public has a very interesting world. Our real world is not just about academics. There is a world beyond the classroom walls and textbooks, where invaluable learning takes place. Here, academic goals are balanced with a vibrant Enrichment Programme that encompasses art, sport and life. We offer an array of beyond-the-classroom activities, which give our students opportunities to discover and display their talents, and cultivate a wide range of interests. We help the children in developing


Creativity, Enthusiasm, and Energetic, Positive thinking. We make sure that our students get to experience a truly well-rounded and happy school life.

Our school follows a holistic approach to education, i.e. an integrated development, stressing on physical, mental, moral and social aspects. It has become child “centered”. Therefore the curriculum is designed in a way that gives emphasis on both scholastic and Co scholastic area. Instead of co-curricular activities, the term co-scholastic activities are used as both cognitive and non-cognitive development can take place by exposing the child to the lesson on scholastic subjects and non-scholastic subjects.