Computer Lab

Holy Public School Sikandra is equipped with 2 computer Labs (area 25X50 feet), are very special because these labs incorporate a great many essential and useful features. The labs house more than 75 Dual Core or i3 processor computers connected through the Local Area Network and the computers in the lab have the recent versions of the software. All students have free access to the systems to do their work any time of the day and a high speed internet connectivity of 16 mbps (24*7) to access vast intellectual resources. It also has a whiteboard and projector as well as markers for making it simpler to teach for the teachers. These facilities are an integral part of the curriculum.

Additionally, the school computer lab has a convenient air circulation system. A good air circulation system is quite important in a computer lab for mainly two reasons, firstly so as to protect the components from overheating and secondly for the comfort of the users.

To face the challenges of modern learning and to keep pace with Next Learning Platform (NLP),students are provided training on NLP, MySQL ,MS Office-2013 and Internet. We are online partner of NLP. Students are pre-registered automatically to use the computer facilities. In addition to the computers, there is access to wide range of facilities including documentation, advice and training on supported software. Institute website has been dynamically designed to update the latest development in the institute on day to day basis.

Main facilities provided by Computer Centre are:

  • Institute Local Area Network covering academic area.
  • Official Email facility to all departments & employees.
  • Next Learning Platform (NLP) login to registered students
  • Reprographic Section equipped with high end Cannon (MFT) for (Printing, Scanning & Copying).
  • All Computer Labs and Departments LAN & WIFI network are backed up by an Online UPS system and diesel generator for 24 hours uninterrupted supply.
  • Lab area is secured with CCTV surveillance system.