Career Counselling

We prepare all our students for successful futures, our school’s policy on career counseling establishes an outline of key supports. We try to expand opportunities for students to link their learning to future career options.

We encourage students to meet with career counselors  to discuss career exploration, subject selection, etc. Time to time we arrange seminars, expert panel discussions, webinars, and various other sessions and assist students. Assessing personal preferences, skills, and interests are the important parts of the career development process. Through this, we help students develop a better understanding of their skills, abilities, and career interests, and most importantly, how these relate to the workplace.
We advise students to also explore experiential learning, which includes internships, summer school, student-led events, and other volunteering opportunities.

Our responsibility:

The school is responsible for guiding and helping students regarding their career selection.

  • Holy Public develop, update, and implement  career counseling programmes that help the student in exploring and planning career pathways.


  • We conduct sessions, presentations, and other events.

Guest lectures (specific to subjects)are also conducted here to guide the students.