We inculcate values among children

Spiritual : To respond to God’s call and to achieve such personal communion with them so that prayer and life become completely interwoven.

Moral: To enable them to develop a strong, self reliant character which will help to make the right choice in values and behavior when called to do so.

 Intellectual: To train the intellect, to dialogue, analyse, inquire, evaluate and judge rightly.

 Aesthetic: To value truth, and to be sensitive to human nature and to beauty in all its forms literature, Art, Music, Nature.

Cultural: To assimilate the culture of their own country through its conservation, transmission and renewal, and to appreciate all cultures of other and other nations.

Emotional: To increase in self-awareness and to grow in the knowledge and understanding of their inner self, in what they are what appears to be, to regulate their emotions and to reach to natural growth by self acceptance, with their potentials and limitations.