Principal’s Message

Is failure fatal? Is Mt. Everest not conquerable? Many times we anticipate conclusions in our cerebrum without even giving it a try. Without realizing the incredible power that we possess. We prefer to go for the easy and predetermined path.

But the future will not be written by those who do the mundane, the ordinary and the tried and tested .

At HPS, it is our inherent belief that magic happens only for those who are ready to go through the grind, the minds willing to enjoy & embrace failure, and the bodies who can survive and thrive outside their comfort zone.

We nurture you to be both anything and everything, dreamers and realists, thinkers and doers, fight for our fights and advocate for world peace, scientists and artists, academicians and sports enthusiasts.

At HPS we promise to give you the tools to transform from trotting horse to the galloping seabiscuit, we will get you comfortable with the unfamiliar and excited with the prospect of conquering the unknown.

Remember, as you face roadblocks, dig tunnels.

As you may be stranded on an island, build a raft.

When you find yourself in the middle of a dessert, be the oasis.

But never never never give up.

You have the artillery and the ammunition to be undefeatable, unafraid and unstoppable!

Dr. Garima Yadav
Holy Public School