Principal’s Message

I strongly believe that each child possesses unique qualities that should be acknowledged and nurtured. Our approach involves actively identifying the distinct strengths of our students and to foster these qualities for their future success. Education transcends the boundaries of traditional textbooks. It begins at home with the mother assuming child’s first teacher.

Parents play a fundamental role in shaping a child’s character.

In the educational journey, teachers are not just transmitters of knowledge, they are facilitators of holistic development.

Moreover, the essence of true education goes beyond the acquisition of facts and figures. It involves the cultivation of virtues and character.

In summary, our educational philosophy emphasizes the partnership between home and school, recognizing the complementary roles of parents and teachers in shaping the holistic development of each child.
I congratulate everyone involved in the success of this institution. Wishing continuous growth in the days to come.

Gyanendra Kumar