Man, the molecule of society

is the Subject of Social Science.


Social Science is about learning identity, history, culture and how we relate to other humans relationships. It helps students to interact with the Social World. It provides a kind of knowledge that is valuable to man on daily basis, teach the moral laws of right and wrong. The basic goal of Social studies education is to prepare young people to be rational.

There at Holy Public School, we develop social attitude in our children by averaging them in various activities like Debate, Seminars, Rallies. We organise many interactive sessions time to time. These competitions serve as a platform to enable the students to develop their latent skills and to empower them with confidence. Our school participated in various Inter school competitions, where they made beautiful models and secured I Prize. These models demonstrated their deep involvements and sculled expression.

Recently, we have introduced humanities in our school, as this stream offers knowledge of various languages, culture and traditions. Our purpose is to provide an environment in which every students discovers his/her full potential through our institution we cultivate the development of qualities that foster academics creative social and emotional skills.


Ritu Bindra

HOD, Humanities