Aim & Objective

“Every child has a dream. We provide them to achieve their dreams.”

  • At HPS, “Excellence is a culture,” We aim to make a child a balanced personality blending modernity with tradition.
  • Plans to help students learn how to think and share through group activity.
  • To inculcate the quality of leadership, team spirit, cooperation, humanistic approach and a scientific temper in a student.

HPS does not gives it’s students answer to learn but we give them problems to solve and respect their opinions, We do not restrict our imagination but encourage their creativity by involving them so that they explore opportunities out of impossible. We wish that every child learn his Alma Mater with a sense of satisfaction, has a positive attitude towards life, becomes street smart and is ready to face the outside world.

 Our Motto:

Motto of this school is to make a child good human being through tools of Love, truth and Joy, Scriptural formation must accompany the intellect, aesthetic social and physical formation of our students. We hope to foster Indian values, respect for other people, their beliefs and ignite the desire to excel.