Coordinator Message

New variants. New challenges. New innovations. New solutions. This I think is the new way of living and learning.

Recently the campus echoed with the sounds I love the most-students laughing ,playing, interacting with each other.

The war with the virus has had many positive fallouts with the foremost being the kindling of innovative spirits of our teachers who handle gems of all shapes, hues and designs; each student is a repository of variegated talents. If one is an academic superstar, the others would excel at sports or arts.

To my fabulous faculty I say we are a team with the same vision and goal ,individually one might retrogress, but together we will always progress.

Let us appreciate each other and celebrate what we have accomplished.

“And the most successful people are those who accept and adapt the constant change. This adaptability requires a degree of flexibility and humility most people can’t manage”

Vishal Mehra