Mathematics Lab

Mathematics has always occupied an important place is the school curriculum. The study of mathematics requires specific ability of intelligence. It helps in training and disciplining the mind as also developing the power of thinking and reasoning.

Holy Public School Sikandra is equipped with Maths Lab Its area is 25X50 feet. It is very special because it incorporates a great many essential and useful features in itself.

The school Math Lab has a convenient air circulation system.


Mathematical instrument set (Ruler, set-squares, Dividers, Protractors and Compasses), metre scale, measuring tape, diagonal scale, calculators, computers etc.

Chart, Pictures

Even and odd demarcated with different colours.

Charts of units of length, area, volume along with their appreciations.

Charts of magic squares, important formulae, regional numerals, numerals of ancient times and portraits of mathematicians along with anecdotes.

Models of

Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Circle, Angles, Supplementary angles, Complementary angles

Cube, Tetrahedron, Right Circular cylinder, Right circular cone, Right prisms, Pyramids, Sphere and hemisphere ’Model for conic sections, Models for verifying Pythagoras theorem,

Models of hallow prisms and pyramids of the same base and same height,

Models of hollow cylinders and cones of the same base and same height,

Overhead Projector along with slides, Calculators and Computers.

Portraits of Mathematicians are also there to make the students aware of their personalities.