Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the students, with respect to their
• Adjusting to the environment: To fit  students in a modern civilized world through adjustment to their environment, we aim to train them to:
• Home Life
• Work Life and Skill
• Civil Life

• Home Life: To prepare them for an effective, satisfying membership of the most important unit in the community, the home and to teach them to budget their leisure time wisely so as to balance activities that yield satisfaction with those that are useful and necessary.

• Work Life and Skill: To qualify with a suitable occupation, which will make a major contribution to their community, with reference to productivity, creativity, economy and fine arts.

• Civil Life: To be prepared for active democratic participation in the life of their community and the nation in large and small ways.

• Personal Growth: Through our education, we endeavour to help the student to reach the total integrated personality through their spiritual and moral, physical and intellectual aesthetic and cultural, emotional and social formation.

• Physical: To develop and maintain a sound body, establishing habits and attitudes that are good and healthy, thus contributing to their physical and emotional growth.