HOLY PUBLIC SCHOOL, SIKANDRA, throughout its glorious history, has played a pivotal role in the field of Commerce and Economics education. It provides technology based integrated and inclusive education in a disciplined, dynamic, vibrant and hygienic environment.

The Department of Commerce has recorded consistent improvement in its academic. During study at the School, the students are encouraged to get hands-on experience in the corporate world through Seminars and Workshops. In their curriculum, they are encouraged to take up mini projects to supplement theoretical knowledge with practical experience. They also undertake projects benefiting local industries or dealing with local problems. These projects enable them to understand the relevance of working in a group and also help them to realize the finer aspects and importance of teamwork.

We also encourage students to organize events such as participate in management events organized by other schools and also get involved in activities of social relevance.

With this brief introduction, I welcome you to be a part of our journey towards being a world-class center of excellence in education, training, and research.

Baltej Singh

[Head Of Department- Commerce]