Sports and Games

Sports and games have been a very distinctive feature of Holy Public School, right from the days of its beginning. Holy Public School firmly believes in the saying ,”In a healthy body resides a healthy mind,”. Sports get their due in the school in such a way that faculty, staff members, as well as students take active participation in the activities which are organised in the school round the year.

From its very inception, the school has been a nursery of outstanding sportsman and player and it has maintained this interest in tradition with fervor.

National level players work as Coaches for various sports. We have dedicated staff and amenities. Various competitions of sports dot the academic calendar of the school be it national level , inter school or at other level activities.

There is never a dull moment in the school premises, thanks to the vibrant “culture which is as much part of the students life as is the academic pursuit. Student are encouraged to participate in activities so that they could hone their sportsmanship as well as develop the spirit with which game ought to be played.

The sports facilities which are provided in the school are as follows-

Basketball, Badminton, Football, Cricket, Taekwondo, Volleyball, Boxing,  Kho Kho,  Chess

Our faculty and students put their heart and soul into every sports and aspire to achieve highest efficiency In the achievement of the goal of the school.The students have been playing not only on the school level but also at the district state and national level tournaments and have come out with flying colours.

Overall, the Sports Department is committed for the physical well-being of the students because we strongly believe that a student who possesses a sound physique is the one who would ace all the competitions in life.

Namandeep Singh

HOD, Sports Department